Benidorm Guide: Introduction

>> the Old Town

There are good reasons why Benidorm is Spains most popular holiday resort. If you are looking for good weather, a lively non threatening atmosphere. Family attractions for days Off the beach which is probably the main draw to the resort.

Located on the on Spains Costa Blanca, Benidorm has about 4 miles of sandy Beaches complete with an adjoining balmy mediterranean sea, ingredients for a classic beach holiday.

The shopping is world class and there are a variety themed activities suitable for family days out.

Foodwise visitors are spoilt for choice. There are more Restaurants, cafes and Tapas Bars than there are days in the year.

To top it all, the night life is great.

Little wonder Benidorm is the destination of choice for millions.

Getting there could not be easier, Benidorm is conveniently near to Alicantes regional airport (just 41 kilometres or 25 miles). Holiday makers fly in from all over Europe come, and having come once, come time and time again to get their share of what makes Benidorm so special.

The sun, the sea, the fun, the food and the enthusiastic hopitality of the people.

Whenever you come, it is always holiday season in Benidorm. There is always something on.

The 'Bay of Benidorm' is south facing. To the front stretches the immensity of the Mediterranean and on the horizon, an island (Isla de los Periodistas). To the north is a bow-shaped range of mountains which forms a dramatic backdrop and protects the resort from the prevailing winds.

The city of Benidorm itself is an urban strip which follows several miles of award winning Beaches], Levante Beach and Poniente Beach (named after sunrise and sunset). Both offer quality services and amenities, warm bathing water and fine sands in spades :-)

Benidorm has a fascinating History which predates its more recent existance as a fishing village. It is from this humble begining that Benidorm has become Spain’s most important leisure resort.

Benidorm loves families and families love Benidorm. But you do not need to leave the kids fun to the vagueries of a bucket, a spade and 4 miles of sand.
A family day out can be planned with a visit to one of the many Theme Parks. Any one of which will put Benidorm into your family album of most treasured memories.

But if you do not have a family, then Benidorms night life may be more relevent. In a word, its great. The night life often features world class entertainers. So if you want a good night out you should start with a stroll over to The Square where many of the entertainments are centered.

Benidorm just naturally has a lot going for it by virtue of its fantastic climate and geography. But add to this a local population who are innately curious, friendly and welcoming and you have and you begin to realise that you are onto someting really special. The atmosphere here is vibrant, surprising, spontaneous and exciting. There is always something going on, or something to do.

The most important thing about Benidorm is... to discover it. Then let Benidorm do the rest.

Before long you will know the reasons you will want to come back!