Benidorm Guide: Festivals

Rock fans should have Benidorms Low Cost Festival on their radar.
Over a long weekend in summer, international and national musicians are invited to perform abd unlike festivals in UK, the weather is usually good.

In 2011, Benidorm hosted the start of the Vuelta a España, one of cyclings three grand tours.

Festival Calendar


Dia de los Reyes Magos
(Three Kings )

Spain tradionally do their seasonal gift giving on the 12th day of Chistmas.. or
January 5th.. or when the 'Three Kings' arrive in Bethlehem bearing gifts.

In Benidorm the three kings on horseback are mixed in with a cavalcade of decorated floats throwing sweets into the onlooking crowds. This festival marks the end of the Christmas season.


Entierro de la Sardina
Usually occurs first Saturday after Easter Sunday. (Between February 4 and March 10)

The custom of burying a thin slice of meat, nicknamed "the sardine," on Ash Wednesday is common throughout Spain. The Entierro de la Sardina symbolizes the burial of worldly pleasures and serves as a reminder for Catholics to abstain from eating meat on Fridays throughout the 40 days of Lent.

In Benidorm these spartan intentions are marked by a spectacular extravaganza of carnival festivities which include processions of decorated floats, street entertainment, music and dancing, and fireworks.


Las Fallas or Hogueras de San Jose, "The Bonfires of Saint Joseph", is perhaps Spains answer to Bombfire night in UK and is perhaps what would happen if pyromaniacs ever got hold of the Guy Fawkes itinerary.

The fiesta starts on March 15th with the erection of some large painted effigies made from cardboard, wood and paper-machè. Usually the effigies are satirical depictions poking fun at corrupt politicians or notorious celebrities. The figures are true works of art, crafted by neighborhood organizations at some expense and can take the entire year to construct.

The figuress remain in place for five day,until March 19th, the day known as La Cremá (the burning). In the early evening the statues are stuffed with fireworks. The crowds sing, the streetlights are turned off, and the figures are set on fire.


Santa Faz Pilgrimages (Peregrina de la Santa Faz) - mid-April, held over two Thursdays, after Easter Sunday. Spain's second-largest pilgrimage.


Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses) - First week of May
Much of Benidorm is decorated with flower-covered crosses, together with streets parties, music and dancing.


Romeria de la Virgen del Rocio - mid-June, with horses, parades, a fair alongside the bullring, and a host of festivities.


Virgen del Carmen: July 16 - 20

A mid July religious event that is celebrated with parties, entertainment and late-night fireworks.

Saint James: July 25
Celebration includes procession, mass, evening festivities and fireworks.


Benidorm Song Festival - mid-August, a number of activities and open-air concerts in Aiguera Park, appealing to both locals and visitors to Benidorm and hosted by the Town Council.


Fiesta of Asturias - early September, with festivities based around the Asturias area.
Harvest Festival - late September, a number of celebrations throughout the area, including church services.
Moros y Cristianos - late September, religious 'Moors and Christians Festival' held in the Benidorm area and also in nearby Altea, around 13 km / 8 miles north of Benidorm.


Fiestas of Imalsa II - early October, with celebrations during the first weekend of October.
Moros y Cristianos - late October, religious 'Moors and Christians Festival' held in nearby in Calpe, a small village located 24 km / 15 miles from Benidorm.


Cultural week: First week of November.

Benidorm fiestas
The second Saturday of November is the start of the Benidorms 5day festival clebrating patron the “Virgen del Sufragio”.

The celebrations are in honor of the Virgen del Sufragio and St. James, the patrons of the town.

These celebrations is one of the most important of the area of the Marina Baixa. The itinerary inclues a beauty pageant and the coronation of a beauty queen, the humorous parade and the parade of floats.

Various local associations contribute to the parade creating a fun atmosphere with lots of hustle and bustle during the festive nights. The “peña” groups star in the parade of humor, an important symbol in recent years and in which politicians are satorized with fancy dress costumes.

A firework displays closes five days of partying.

This autumn festivals has become an important tourist attraction over the years and become so well known that many tourists book their visit to coincide with the festivities.


Christmas Events - throughout December, many Christmas events and festivities are held all over Benidorm, including markets, parties and street entertainment.
New Year's Eve - December 31st, parties and celebrations abound as the start of the next year approaches, with fireworks displays at midnight to mark the arrival of the new year. Large crowds always gather under the clock in Benidorm's Triangle Square.