Benidorm Guide: Poniente Beach

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Poniente Beach is a quiet and more secluded beach to the West of Benidorm's old town. It takes a little more effort to get to, and so is more popular with families.

Poniente Beach is longer than Levante Beach, stretching from the harbour jetty to the rocks of the Paseo Tamarindos, then onto the foot of the Tossal de la Cala.

Local people of Benidorm distinguish Poniente Beach in two sections of equal length, Poniente and La Cala.

The beach is overlooked by the 'Paseo MarĂ­timo de Poniente' the walkway in the Old Town.

The beach is set on a former royal cattle track that used to run through myrtles.

There is a natural spring, Les Fontanelles, on the beach, a source of fresh water for the Navy until well into the 19th century.