Benidorm Guide: the Old Town

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The Old Quarter of Benidorm corresponds to the original fishing village and is built on and beside the Cerro Canfali headland promontory that separates the two main Benidorm beaches, Levante Beach and Poniente Beach.

The Old Quarter is veined with narrow lanes and alleys which converge on the light-filled Balcón del Mediterráneo Belvedere, a kind of public terrace with balustrade overlooking the blue expanse of the Mediterranean. The Balcón del Mediterráneo itself has a central whitewashed monument decorated with typical Spainish ornamental tiles.

San Jaime Parish Church is central to the Old Town. Unmissable with its blue-tiled domed roof.

In the area around the traditional city centre of Benidorm are shops, restaurants and bars where holidaymakers may find refreshment or buy fashion items, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Wander arround Benidorm's Old Town and you will find plenty of traditional tapas bars and eatteries. The food on offer here is as good as you are likely ever to get on the Costa Blanca or indeed in any other region of Spain.

Many British live alongside their Spanish neighbours in these streets and the area is lively and vibrant. Maturing hams hang in bars where old men sporting traditional berets rub shoulders with suited businessmen and fashionably dressed youngsters. The mix gives the area an exciting atmosphere.

This area might at first be intimidating to an outsider, but it is well worth wandering around these streets soaking up the Spanish atmosphere and if you feel brave enough, stop and sample a tapa (small tasty snack) and a drink.